Academic Articles

In this page, you will find a very small selection of my articles that I consider to be more representative of my research agenda and my work. I have published over one-hundred academic articles. If you are interested, you can find a comprehensive list in my CV, available in the Contact section of this website. Listing them all would be unwieldy and not very useful, so I opted instead for a selection of pieces that represent my research agenda and work the best. Instead, I will keep here a selection of roughly fifteen pieces, including my favorites from before 2015, and the articles that better represent my recent work. As I publish new material, this page will be edited accordingly.

Please note that all of my articles on Alfonso Reyes published prior to 2020 are reprinted in the book Intermitencias alfonsinas. Articles on the idea of criticism in Mexico, and on other Latin Americanists published prior to 2012 are included in my book Intermitencias americanistas. I have also left out articles published in my own edited books.

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