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The Book Club as Pedagogical Tool

The massive pedagogical transitions that the pandemic has forced, and continues to require, in all levels of education has elicited many discussions regarding the role of technology in the classroom, the best use of Learning Management Systems, and the ability to deliver our subject matters in online and hybrid environments. It is at the same […]

An Exercise in Criticism and Reciprocity

In the recent ASAP conference, I put together a round table seeking to practice criticism and reciprocity, based on the event’s theme. Rather than reflecting on this topic, the idea was to practice it with each other as a way of sharing in a collective creative intellectual energy and collegial spirit. I am deeply grateful […]

World Literature as State Project and Everyday Practice

October 7 marked the official publication date of Mexican Literature as World Literature, my most recent edited collection. The very next day, while browsing the shelves of the Cineteca Nacional bookstore in Mexico City, I serendipitously found a facsimile edition of Lecturas clásicas para niños, a 1924 anthology of literature for use in schools. I […]

Personal Stories of Film Spectatorship

My virtual presentation at the University of Iowa the other day led me to think about the personal reasons behind my film research. I have never quite felt that my film experience, and the experience of my mother and grandmother, two consummate cinephiles, is ever really considered when scholarship looks at the films of nations […]

Notes on “Cantinflas and World Literature”

One of my goals in this blog is to accompany my publications with some supplemental commentary and material. My first entry in this series is on my article “Cantinflas and World Literature. Popular Cosmopolitanism and Comedic Adaptation in Mid-Century Cinema.” The piece is part of a special issue of Journal of World Literature on World […]

Welcome to my blog!

Many years ago, when I was beginning my career at Washington University, I had a blog with the purpose of publishing conference papers and a few occasional blogs. I was not very good at it. Unable to post in it regularly, it became a mere place to post some work in progress and share papers […]

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