Welcome to my blog!

Many years ago, when I was beginning my career at Washington University, I had a blog with the purpose of publishing conference papers and a few occasional blogs. I was not very good at it. Unable to post in it regularly, it became a mere place to post some work in progress and share papers that would otherwise have been limited to a small audience in a hotel conference room. Over time, as those papers became articles, the blog lost its purpose and I decided to close it. I also erased it because I found that the half-baked texts would be cited in scholarship in lieu of the more developed published versions.

As I created this new website, seeking to become a bit more organized and formal in this era of public-facing humanities and rampant social media, I am thinking of this blog differently. I am going to use it to post some of the commentary on media, books, issues of the day and travel that I have mostly confined to Facebook and Twitter, albeit in what I hope will be more developed forms. I will also add some comments and background to publications as they come out, bring back some of my older work and simply share some useful information. This is a space of casual writing, which I am doing in my second language, so please be kind with the small language errors you will find, hopefully not very often. I hope this notes are interesting, and lead to conversations with those who take the time to read them.

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